Use appreciation to grow your business

Show your employees a little love and they’ll return the favour ten-fold. They’ll care more, work harder, surprise you with their talent, have more confidence and help you succeed.
We’ll build appreciation right into your process and share with you how to use it for re-establishing morale, meaningfully changing and reshaping your company culture, breaking through bureaucracy and motivating your people to keep being amazing.

87% of employees

worldwide are not engaged

36% of employees

would give up $5,000 in salary
to be happier at work

79% of companies

feel they have significant engagement
and retention issues

Our Principles

  • More is more

    Appreciation is an addictive feeling. The more you recognize an employee for their contribution, the more effort they’ll put in to getting recognized again.

    Stop catching butterflies

    Organizational growth can spur an array of projects, tasks and change that may feel important or overwhelming; yet they lack focus and synergy. Let us share with you how to stop, review and catch the meaningful priorities.

  • Workplace Lifeplace happiness

    Recognition extends beyond the workplace. Feeling good about yourself at work helps you feel good about yourself everywhere. We call it Lifeplace Happiness.

    Take the blindfold off

    Deal with the real and not with the ideal. You may not know what’s next for your business, but we can provide you the guidance and insights you need.

Operations Services

  • Organizational Culture
  • Operational Tools & Templates
  • Root Cause Assessment
  • System Maps & Operational Best Practices
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Marketing Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Innovation Strategy & Forward Vision
  • Internal and External Branding
  • Brand Marketing Tools & Tactics
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The heart and soul of any organization is its people. Each individual brings a diversity of talent and aptitude, all of which needs to be Recognized and Rewarded to foster growth and fuel productivity, but most importantly to build and unite culture. Recognition is about finding a simple way to connect people, about appreciating your workforce and what they do every day, and about connecting remote workers.