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Recognition is the easiest thing to do, but also the easiest to overlook. We inspire it with a unique blend of cultural, marketing and operations experience focused on the value of recognition in the workplace.

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Process informs culture – how you behave is who you are. But a process is meaningless without company-wide buy-in on core values, targets, strategy, how to work best, why to act a certain way and who to hire.

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Meaningful change doesn’t just happen – it has to be planned. But more than that, it has to be planned with your unique blend of personalities in mind. Because people create culture.

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These are our three pillars

We developed them while facilitating the growth, teamwork and culture of a major national quick-service franchise organization. Recognize, Align and Create made it a place people wanted to work at. It came through at every level of the organization internally and externally, and the company more than doubled in size and staff in less than three years.
As part of the Recognition piece, we connected over 1,000 associates across Canada to Kudos® a platform that lets managers and C-level executives recognize,appreciate and reward employees across a company in real time.
It was a perfect fit. The Recognize, Align, Create/Kudos® combination was a winner.
We wanted to make a real difference in people’s lives. So we started OMB Dynamix and became a fully authorized partner of Kudos®, learned it better than anyone else and built Kudos® into our solution.
Today, small, medium and large companies across the country are using the Kudos® recognition platform to change the way their people feel at work.

  • • Recognized for their efforts and motivated to keep up the good work.
  • • Aligned under a common belief of how the company works best.
  • • They play an active role in creating and refining processes that eliminate silos and let every department and employee shine in their own way.