Kudos® Services

As a fully authorized partner of Kudos® we’ve been trained to implement this solution with ease, onboard your people and show them (and you) how to leverage this social recognition platform to improve engagement, morale and overall corporate culture.

Fully integrated launch and rollout plan – we provide a comprehensive but simplified step-by-step launch plan, based on our direct experience with rolling out Kudos® within an organization of over 1000 people and the insights from every additional rollout we’ve done.

    Early stage testing and rollout
    • Pre-rollout survey – culture and workplace happiness assessment that leads to insights and continuous engagement strategies
    • Stage gating process – customized method that details all of the milestones and related dates critical to your organization and your rollout
    • Hand-in-hand training workshops – online and/or face to face, these are essential in ensuring confidence every step of the way
    • Comprehensive launch planning – tailored materials, marketing and programming to support your organization’s specific needs
    • Reporting – all-inclusive review of analytics to assess engagement, use, key senders and receivers, top qualities and trends, core values assessment and ROI
    • Defining & customizing your rewards – mapping out and defining your reward points and designated values, plus how many are allocated to each staff member monthly
    • Continuous engagement and amplification of Kudos® – creative and engaging monthly or seasonal programs to retain momentum and top-of-mind awareness and fun
    • Unlimited support access– call OMB Dynamix any time for questions and help