A View to 2025

Building a span inter-generational team for the future that can shape organizational culture and drive growth is important. Many organizations have Millennials in positions in their workforce where they are able to impact the future and fortunes of the organization. One in five are department or division heads, or have a position within their senior management team.
Below are some thought provoking insights about the growing influence they will have on your organization:
  • Currently 38% of the workforce is comprised of Millennials. By 2025, they will be 75% of the workforce
  • Only 29% are engaged at work, with 71% either not engaged or actively disengaged
  • Only 50% plan to be with their company a year from now
  • 66% plan on leaving their job by 2020
  • 71% of those likely to leave in the next two years are unhappy with how their leaderships skills are being developed
  • 49% refuse to take on a task at work if the task does not match with their own value system
  • 75% would like to work from home or remotely
  • Only 28% feel their current organization is making full use of the skills and potential they have
  • 87% believe the success of a business should be measured by more than just financial

Embracing this change is critical
  • Have you discussed these trends at your recent C-level meetings?
  • Have you thought about how to adapt your growth and development plans organizationally and spatially?
  • How does your culture of recognition look right now?
  • Are you equipped to support The Millennials most basic needs for appreciation?
  • Are you ready for the road to 2025?

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