Our Principles

  • More is more

    “Less is more”is a commonplace phrase that applies to most things. But not employee recognition. The more you can validate a team member’s worth, the better they’ll feel and the better they’ll perform. Kudos® facilitates this from the top down and the bottom up. Employees feel like they’re being noticed. Managers can recognize their staff, peers and even C-level personnel. Executives can set the tone and lead by example. So ask your people if they would rather be recognized more...or less!

    Stop catching butterflies

    Companies have a multitude of goals, but too many lack a process or strategy to achieve them methodically. We bring a focused plan, rooted in intra-organizational unity, collaboration and respect. We align marketing and operations so what’s being said is what’s being done. And we will put you in the position to go after fewer meaningful priorities with a bigger net, less effort and more purpose.

    Workplace Lifeplace happiness

    You will spend one-third of your life working, so how you feel there will affect how you feel everywhere else. Workplace happiness translates into what we call “Lifeplace happiness.”A more rewarding and appreciated experience at work will translate into a more content life at home. You will find yourself being a better spouse, friend, parent and neighbour.

  • Take the blindfold off

    Consider the following questions honestly, even if you don’t feel entirely comfortable with the answers. Simply recognizing the need for change and focus creates the momentum to fuel clarity around priorities of your company or your department.

    • Do my people really want to come to work or feel they have to come to work?
    • What is my culture? If I don’t have one, why not?
    • Do I know the people who work for me and what each brings to the table?
    • How do I monitor what my remote staff are doing?
    • Am I maximizing the potential of every employee or associate?
    • How can I improve morale and develop my people?
    • What do my people really care about?
    • How am I contributing to employee retention?
    • How are my people performing? Do they value performance reviews?
    • Do I have the right products and marketing plans to grow my business?
    • Does my branding reflect my company and who we are?
    • How do I hire the right people?
    • How can I give back to the community?
    • Can I be better as a leader?
    • What’s next for my team or company?